Apartment 200 Toronto | 2020 All You Need To Know

Venue Description

Apartment 200. Located in the West Queen West hipster area of Toronto; at 1034 Queen St W. A homey hot-spot with chill vibe & creative cocktails, plus live music, a pool table & arcade games.

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Apt.200 is THE house party of your dreams and it happens 7 days a week!

What could be better than walking up to the coolest party pad / loft; where you can lounge around in the den with some of the best cocktails in town, dance the night away to best DJs in the living room and or enjoy some beers at the kitchen counter? Welcome to Apt.200; the T.O. counterpart to original Saintwoods’ spot in Montreal.

The Queen West hot-spot takes the form of a swanky loft that you wish you (or one of your friends) had. There’s a pool table, couches, and an addictive selection of classic ’90s arcade games that you can play for free.

Head there early, and you will think that it’s a casual lounge for hanging out and having a few beers … (not knowing this place once was Toronto’s most infamous sex club- Wicked.)

Go late, though, and you will see why Apt.200 has become one of the city’s hottest night spots Toronto has to offer. Instagram influencers, budding artists, and other kids hip with the scene are here regularly. Even on a Monday night, this locale is packed — sometimes with A-list stars like The Weeknd, the Toronto Raptors, or Selena Gomez.

If there’s one thing occasionally yearned for in the city packed with endless drinking options; it’s more quality house parties. Apartment 200 scratches that itch; especially if you’re a sceney 20-something who knows how to work the steely-eyed bouncers and doesn’t blink at ludicrously long washroom lines. Come for cocktails before sundown to appreciate the beautiful decor and stay for some DJ bangers powering the packed dance floor!

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Venue Vitals

What To Know

Music: mostly HipHop, Rap
Best for: Bottle Service, Date night, Beautiful people
Capacity: 350
Food: No
Coat Check: Yes / $3

Average Line: 20-40+ min
Price: $-$$
Attire: Casual, Trendy
Age Range: 24–30
Crowd: Upsale, young & pretty professionals

When To Visit

Hours of Operation
Open Daily From
8:00PM – 2:30AM


Where To Go

NBHD: West Queens West
1034 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H7, Canada

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Expert Tips

Apt.200 Location:
Apt.200 is located on upper floor of a building (and resembles a nice apartment — similar to the Montreal location) in West Queen West ‘hipster’ area of downtown Toronto; at 1034 Queen St W; at the corner of Queen St & Ossington.

Drink prices:
• Expect to pay $7-$14 for mixed drinks.
• All Specialty Cocktails are $13.
• Shots $9-$10.
• Beers $6-$8, or $35 for bucket (5) Coranas.
• Bottles start at $200 +up.

• Apt.200 does not charge a cover.
• Arrive early to avoid long lines.

When to go:
• Apt 200 is open every day from 8pm-2:30am.
• This place gets packed full on Fri & Sat nights.
• Arrive early to skip long lines (10:30PM).

Addt’l Insider Tips

• Known for playing great hip hop music; and moreover, often frequented by visiting Hip-Hop artists (e.g. A$AP Rocky recently).
• The one remnant of Wicked: a daybed (albeit with gorgeous linens and pillows).
• They also have their own Apt 200 brew on tap with few others.
• After Apt.200 closes (around 3-3:30am), generally the after-party stays on Queen, with relocation to some food spots.

Dress Code

Apt.200 Dress Code

Although there is no set dress code at Apt.20, the crowd is generally fashion-forward / dressed stylish.

Quick Tip: Outfits are key; and will play a role in regards to the entry into Apt.200. So play it safe and put some consideration into your outfit. I’m not saying you should wear your best clubbing outfit. But definitely, you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed.

Management reserves all rights to refuse entry.

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